“IITians Impact” Survey Results

I just read the results of the survey on the impact IITians have had, and it’s fascinating how much education can change. The survey was sponsored by PAN IIT. I am traveling to PAN IIT this month, and the program seems very impressive. They have not one or two star speakers, but a full galaxy. In fact, my company Capillary is doing all the application development for their SMS based services. Some highlights:

1. Every IITian has contributed Rs. 50 against every rupee spent on him
2. IITians have a budgetary responsibility of $885b
3. 54% of the top 500 companies in India have at least one IITian on their board
4. 25% of IITians in R&D
5. 10% of IITians doing social work
6. One in 10 IITian is an entrepreneur

So much for Nehru’s vision!!!!

[See the full results of the survey here]

Bitwise 2008 – Can it get any better?

I still remember Bitwise 2006 very fondly — all the last minute action, with the teams participating, running around to arrange problems, solutions, making sure everything runs properly. And it’s been 2 years since then. It’s very proud to see Bitwise 2008 progressing so well, with teams from almost 43 countries and clicks from 75! It can’t get any bigger than this. It all started in 2001, and has come so far since then!

If you fancy yourself as a ace programmer, and you think you can unravel the double helix in your sleep, if you live and dream algorithms, crunch numbers when nobody’s looking at you, you gotta participate in Bitwise, the real test of your abilities. It’s the largest algorithm intensive online programming contest in India organized completely by students from one of the best engineering institutions in the country. You compete with the best brains in the area worldwide, and there are a sweet USD 2500 on offer as prizes.

Do you have it in you? Visit the Bitwise 2008 site and register NOW.

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