How to Build a Global Tech Business from India?

I just off from a talk I gave to Wharton Students and Alumni at IIM Bangalore. The talk was organized by Prof. Kartik Hosanagar who focuses on the internet space at Wharton. Building a tech business out of India has its own share of frustrations, challenges and advantages and having beent through the journey, I would not mind sharing the same with other fellow entrepreneurs who are embarking on one.

Here’s the slides from the talk. They don’t say too much (for that you’d have to listen!) but I would be happy to answer questions!


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2 Responses to How to Build a Global Tech Business from India?

  1. Utkarsh Jain says:

    A big thanks for the session !!!
    It really changed the way i used to think in terms of the product space .
    “You are the product ” being my key takeaway

  2. Utkarsh, glad it helped.

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