First attempt at a haiku

Attempting to write a haiku — for the first time ever! Let’s see how it sounds.

Mad people in autumn

Going around the city – as clowns

Rejoicing thoroughly

It’s wonderful how haiku’s convey so much, yet conceal so much!

About kpowerinfinity
I *♥* technology, business, conversations, experiences, books, music, theater, coffee and people. I am an entrepreneur in the city of Bangalore - my company, Capillary, provides customer engagement programs and marketing services to retailers around the world.

2 Responses to First attempt at a haiku

  1. Its nice and crisp! :)

  2. pantomimosa says:

    Its nice. Haiku seems interestin that way. First readin, i thought your piece was too direct. But now it seems it has more than that.People, who take up a funnier character, to be happy, make merry and spread joy. there is an underlyin emotion that isn’t quite clear. Love it :)

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