Carnage and Children

Once again, we find ourselves in the midst of a bloody week. As though the carnage in Calcutta was not enough, we now find that Uttar Pradesh is now engulfed in the terrorists (f)ire.

What is saddest is that the perpetrators are fiendish, they show no sympathy to even children. One of the victims in Varanasi is 11-year old Sanjeev Kumar. The Calcutta riots happened in the middle of the School district around the time that primary school gets over. My own sister was stuck in her school and there was complete chaos around (thankfully, that was not in the center of the riot-hit area). The place where the riots had sparked, the Park Circus 7-point crossing, is a stone’s throw from my own school. I was left wondering what the condition must have been — 10 year olds stuck in the middle of the destruction having the faintest idea about what is going on. [Read this story from The Telegraph on 22 Nov about how the students suffered.]

The UP violence is being (proudly?) claimed by a “new” terrorist organization called the Indian Mujahideen. I wonder what holy war involves killing innocent children. What’s worse, this leads to the seeds of hatred being sown among children. My sister mentioned that she was chatting with a few others, when a good friend of her from the minority community (having not even heard anything) mistakenly thought they were talking about her “religion”. So much for 10 year olds being introduced to communal riots.

May God make them humane.

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4 Responses to Carnage and Children

  1. Poonam says:

    Every time a brutal terrorist attack happens, you hope perhaps this is the last. But next time, it is bigger, sadder attack. I sometimes think that one if such incidents continue at this rate, people will begin to take these things as usual part of their lives, which is very depressing for a country. I am afraid that people are losing their sensitivity. Until any calamity befalls them, no one is bothered. :(

  2. @poonam: Good point. If these things become common fare, people in other parts of the country stop caring about it, the concern is limited to shrugging the shoulders once. Just like we hardly even flinch today at news of destruction in J & K.

  3. shuz says:

    sometimes i wish we get some info regarding a meet whee all dons land up and we drop a bomb on them… they have killed words like trust n faith… and moreover a hope for a better future…

  4. @shuz: He he. Yeah, that will be a very good idea. Maybe our intelligence agencies should plant a mole and then ask him to organize a “Conference on Terrorism” and use the opportunity!

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