October Fest, Bangalore

The Germans have their Oktoberfest. Bangaloreans are not for behind. How can they be when they have Mallya buying up liquor factories all over the world? He would throw around his weight, his beer and all his bikini-clad models to make sure he has the biggest party in town. Finally, he smiled and Bangalore got its weekend extravaganza (minus the bikini-clad models :-( — he probably kept them for himself) called the Kingfisher October Fest.

I went only the second day, but the good thing was that the place was teeming with people. People of all shapes, sizes and ages (between 4 and 40) had lined up in front of the stage head-banging to the rock competition. There was a plethora of games, activities and fun time-pass things on the side. And there was a lot of beer which my friends drank to their fill and insanity (I sadly haven’t been able to develop a taste for beer).

The activities were fun — they actually thought about their games. One was Entrapment, adapted from the Connery-Zeta Jones starrer I had loved, where you had to cross a criss cross of ropes tied all over (red in colour like an infra-red field) touching it less than 3 times. Another was in the Yahoo! booth where you had to sing the yoodle, and then take funny pictures which they would put up in flickr. This felt good!

Towards the end, I really enjoyed the Headlines Today (they don’t have a website @*%#!$%!) crew along with their very cute reporter ;-) preparing their report. She first wanted us before the camera, but while waiting for the go-ahead from the newsroom, I got bored and went behind the camera. It was fun watching how the report was made — she first had to collect a crowd, and then ask them to shout out aloud and make lots of noise as if they were having the time of their lives, they had to do several retakes in the middle of all that commotion. What I found the most funny was the ‘We’ll be back after the break’ said right there in the middle of nowhere. In between, a hooligan or two would suddenly walk in and create a nuisance. I found the whole process very intriguing. Maybe, I should hang around reporters more ;-)

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7 Responses to October Fest, Bangalore

  1. Ya, reporters and editors are real nice people:). Ok, so you caught me cribbing! I actually love this place and had the best time of my life here. But since last two months things have changed a lot and a lot of idiots are in charge :(. Blogging is new to me and my friend here has been encouraging me to take to it. So for fun, I created a blogging and started writing a lot of utter nonsense! Thanks for your advice.

  2. puresunshine says:

    I never liked beer myself. But October fest sounds good! I had a few friends from German class who would go on and on about it! lolz! Crazy, reporters make NICE people! Oh yeah for sure! Some sane ones only! The rest have “nothing much to add” ! hahaha! As far as hanging out with the media people is concerned, look around kpower, ur sandwiched between two! lolz! hahahahahahaha!

  3. @crazydotter: Blogging is fun, but then we got to be careful. Keeping a pseudonym doesn’t hide you completely. You never know who reads your blog. Enjoy blogging :-)

    @puresunshine: Technically, here, two media people are sandwiched between my blog post and my comment. Feels good :-P

  4. puresunshine says:

    The tech guy speaks!!!

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  6. Glad you had a good time at the October Fest.

    The Flickr link for Yahoo! pictures taken at the October Fest is:

    More October Fest pics can be found at:

    KINGFISHER Great Indian October Fest 2007


  7. @kingfisher: I did have a good time. Thank you :) More good times tomorrow on a Kingfisher flight :-P

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