Change in GMail branding – Have you noticed?

Looks Google is changing the branding of Gmail to Google Mail. It seems that Google lost rights to the GMail brand name in Germany and that is now being followed up in some other countries.

Since 2000, Daniel Giersch has held the brand “G-mail… und die Post geht richtig ab” [G-mail… the best way to go postal]. Under the G-mail brand, he operates a number of physical and electronic postal services with thousands of users, as he explained to heise online in March of 2005. Giersch therefore had a court issue a temporary restraining order against the use of “Gmail” before winning the main proceedings at the first-instance district court of Hamburg (Az. 312 O 475/05) against Google in April of 2006. Google appealed this ruling and has now lost the appeal

The legal dispute, which also detrimentally affected users, has also been extended beyond the German legal system. Currently, charges have been filed in Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland.

Looks like there has been another incident in the UK. In fact, there is a relevant BBC report dated way back in 2005. However, this is the first time I am noticing the change in India.

GMail before:


Google Mail now:


Funnily enough, the brand change seems to be in effect in one out of two of my email accounts. Perhaps they are slowly transitioning users to the new branding. Have you noticed the change in your email branding?

[There is another brand change story which is doing the rounds now-a-days — UTI Bank to Axis Bank — but that, of course, is for entirely different reasons]

[Email brand name change has been common lately with Hotmail transitioning to Windows Live Hotmail. This has beset the Redmond giant with quite a few problems because people have been worried about rather frequent name changes]

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8 Responses to Change in GMail branding – Have you noticed?

  1. puresunshine says:

    Didn’t know abt the reason but have noticed the change. Hmmmm!

  2. @puresunshine: The change doesn’t seem to kick in everytime you open Gmail.. but only sometimes. I am not sure what’s going on!

  3. puresunshine says:

    yeah! i was noticing it today as well. it’s the ol’ gm-mail at the moment. funny!

  4. Keshuvko says:

    Yes, there is change in google icon

  5. @pursunshine, keshuvko: Yeah. Wonder whats going on. Anyway, on an aside, changes abound in Google. Looks like, orkut will have a new look soon.

  6. shuz says:

    i am still in a state of shock that orkut won youth icon to notice anything else. geee

    see ya:)

  7. @shuz: Ha ha. I had hoped it would be ‘YOU’, but people are crazier than I thought!

  8. shuz says:

    ouch… sarci….lol

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