And thus they met: The BlogaLoreans

Anand had called me and told me about the previous bloggers’ meet, but sadly I was not in town. So, I decided to make it this time. The first thing I found amusing was the location – BrewHaHa. No, the place was fine – the coffee wasn’t too bad, the space was peaceful. But what got me chuckling was pronouncing the name in different ways – Brew-hehe, Brew-hihi, Brew-huhu, Brew-(Ravana’s laughter), Brew-(demure bride laughter), and the one that took the cake (and all the cookies) – Brew-(Vinay Pathak style)!

And as soon as I got there, the long string of introductions – strangers connected by this phenomenon called blogging. Some loud, some naughty, some subdued, some serious — everyman of every colour. The introductions were long and stretched — after all there were a lot of people — and often interrupted by the waiters trying to take orders. The poor waiter — taking orders from a bunch of 45 odd rambunctious kids can be difficult, and I am quite sure he is going to insist on taking his weekly off on the day of the next bloggers’ meet. That the fact that most of us keep changing orders and talking tough (Is the tea made in milk or with tea bags? — Like heck, I care!), did not make things easy for him. To top it all off, he was serving coffee (or was it hot chocolate? Since I found more chocolate than coffee in my drink) and suddenly an apparition vapourized out of nowhere holding a camera in his hand, and asking him to pose for a photo. He looked stupefied as if somebody had read a new dark spell in the new Happy Rotter book (more about that later), and decided to give it a try on the hapless muggle.

Two events had almost hijacked the agenda — the release of the Happy Rotter and the Deathly Hallows and While somebody had already tried to hijack the agenda there as well by painstakingly taking pictures, transcribing text and forwarding it to friends. Why waste so much time when the book was going to be released in two days time anyway? I am very sure that it was not for getting the book cheap because cunning entrepreneurs in the Indian book industry will soon have it lining all the pavements of the country with cheaper editions. Anyway, coming back, I had been half hoping that some fans would turn up dressed in Happy Rotter costumes — here a Hagrid, there a Dumbledore, everywhere a Voldemort. To my sorrow, there were only a few (countable on your little finger) who had braved the early Saturday morning (how?) and managed to purchase copies. was in far-away Chennai, where startups were talking about start-up experience in their start-up language and showing their start-up powerpoints.

As the meet progressed, we realized how we were a microcosm of India – everybody had an opinion, and rightly so! We were bloggers, after all. Chaos reigned and kept reigning. The silver lining of order sometimes peeked from behind the clouds and went back to hide as soon as it saw us. But then, chaos is fun isn’t it? Too much order limits our thinking, inhibits creativity. People shot off ideas (a few ‘tossed’ them around like in a party game) at each others. We were (after a lot of shouting by Samjukta) able to establish the agenda of the Bloggers Collective at the BarCamp Bangalore, due next weekend. The conversation then veered towards social issues and setting up Web NGOs — I am sure there is a lot of social evil on the web otherwise the downtrodden like us would not get hit so many times a day. We further talked about something else, to which by that time I had stopped paying attention to (sorry, getting up on Saturday morning was bad enough).

The good thing is that bloggers in Bangalore are interested in getting together more often, perhaps setting up a collective blog and make a noise which can be heard (we can even play Bhojpuri songs aloud on MG Road — I am sure that will make enough noise), and build a community that talks about issues more relevant to Bangalore.

The day progressed quite well – I saw Evam Theatre‘s performance of Five Point Someone. If I said that was hilarious, it would be undermining them so more in another post.

All in all — a great meet, lots of new interesting faces (which I hope to add to my Blogroll the day I stop being so lazy) and great conversations.

Keep rockin’ Blog’a’Loreans!

PS: I must add that I do not endorse piracy and my roommate bought an original copy yesterday.

Update: Fixed a bunch of typos.

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13 Responses to And thus they met: The BlogaLoreans

  1. Sanjukta says:

    ‘Shouting’? by ‘Samjukta’?

    ‘Moderation of the discussion loosing focus in a loud and clear voice’ by ‘Sanjukta’.


  2. Sanjukta says:

    You gotta fix the blogroll as well it doesn’t lead to my blog coz the URL is wrong.

    Not your fault my name is such…

  3. Adheeth says:

    Can i have myself also listed in your blog roll?

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  5. @sanjukta: done!

    @adheeth: sure!

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  7. Jayanth S says:

    Nice writeup..

    Also read :-

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  9. Haas says:

    Hey dude I was looking forward to making it but lot of things happened on sat and unfortunately 2 events collided and the blogger meet was the sacrificial lamb :( I will make it next time though :)

    -(aka) Hash(in case you dont get who this is :P)

  10. @Hash: Sure I know! It would have been good to have you there. You should try making it to the next meet during BCB.

  11. Sivakumar says:

    Nice meeting you dude….

  12. @Siva: The pleasure was all mine, sir!

  13. Layon says:

    Great to meet u guys there!

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